Does Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull make the grade?

25 05 2008

After recently seeing this film, I must say I was not completely impressed. I went in to the movie expecting a continuation of the greatness the past Jones films have offered and left feeling like I just saw your normal action film. (Quick warning before you read the rest: There may be spoilers ahead! I’m not giving away any major plot moments or anything but some people just like to see the whole movie themselves)

What left me feeling this way? There were a number of things in the film that just did not feel like Indy’s territory at all to me. For instance in the movie there will be a UFO. I’m not going to tell you where or what it’s doing, but the word alone should leave you feeling a bit skeptical. In past movies Indiana has had his fair share of strange myths or relics but an actual flying disc is taking it a little too far.

I don’t know about you, but to me the way Indiana Jones used his whip really defined his character and simply made the movies all the more cool to show for it. However, in The Crystal Skull he only uses his whip twice. There is also no more fancy gun or machete work in this movie, there is just a lot of punches and even those are few and far between for a while. It’s not until the end of this movie that the action really begins. Until that moment you just have to rely on the motorcycle scene to keep you really interested.

Even in the plot itself there were some annoying things. Most of the movie is simply run, get captured, run again, get captured again, and so on. However, the most annoying thing to me is when one of the characters is a good guy, no wait a bad guy, oh just joking he’s a good guy, yep he’s bad for sure. In my opinion there is also too many times where Indiana and Mutt will just stop and talk about the history of the skull.

After reading all that you might wonder if the movie is even worth seeing. The answer to that is yes. Despite it’s downfalls it’s still an enjoyable film. While this may not be Harrison Ford’s best acting, Shia LaBeouf seemed to really shine in this movie to me. Most of the other actors don’t do too bad either. While the beginning may be a little slow, this movie still has it’s action. Some of the scenes seemed to take more of a humorous side but they were still pretty good. I have a feeling after watching a certain scene at the end of the movie that LaBeouf will eventually get his own version of Indiana Jones, but after his performance in this film that wouldn’t be as bad as I expected. My advice to you would be to go into this movie like it’s just any other movie and not an Indiana Jones film.

Final Grade: C+

The Good

  • Decent action toward the end
  • Good acting, especially by LaBeouf
  • It’s Indiana Jones

The Bad

  • Aliens/UFO
  • Plot problems
  • Starts slow
  • Doesn’t carry on the legacy

*Ratings are made just like they were in school with an A+ to F scale



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