Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit and The Bourne Conspiracy Demos

26 05 2008

Two of the newest demos released on Xbox Live this week were Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit and The Bourne Conspiracy. Are they demos worth playing? You better believe it!

First we’ll take a look at Burst Limit. This is the first Dragon Ball Z game I have seen where it actually feels like you’re playing the anime. The visuals were all very clean and crisp and the action was awesome. The cool thing about this demo is there are no real hidden moves (or at least as far as I know 🙂 ). After a quick look at the control guide when the demo starts, you can easily jump in and begin throwing energy blasts simply by pressing the B button. The only thing that seemed a little strange to me was when you get in these close battles in the air. A meter shows up and the only way to pull off the best moves, or to stop your opponent, is to mash the hell out of the buttons. The only way I was able to pull off the best moves was to set the controller down and use both hands! Maybe I just suck, but it definitely added a sense of urgency. After playing through this demo three times, I can honestly say I’m tempted to buy this game when it comes out on June 10.

The Bourne Conspiracy was both really cool and really annoying for me. Most of the game is fairly cool. The visuals are fantastic, the combat is pretty sweet, and it really felt like the movie. However, I think after awhile the combat might get old. Every time you get close to an enemy it automatically jumps into combat mode, you simply have no choice in the matter. The two things that bugged me the most were the random timed button presses and the loading times after you died. For instance, at the beginning of the demo you have to run towards this gate when an X button appears. At that time you are holding down Y and paying no real attention to it when all of a sudden you get arrested and have to restart the entire chapter. Similarly in the driving chapter if you don’t press the buttons right at the end of the mission you will have to start all over again. The worst thing about this though, is that no matter how many times you reload the level it still takes at least 20 seconds to get back in the game! You may think this is small, but after you die a few times I can guarantee you it’s frustrating! This game will be ready for purchase on June 3, and while it offers some pretty cool gameplay, I think I will wait for the reviews on this one first.



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