The Richest Comic Book Characters Around

2 06 2008

Head on over HERE, to check out a great list of the top 18 wealthiest comic book characters.  From Bruce Wayne to Scrooge McDuck they’re all there!

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New Incredible Hulk Pictures!

2 06 2008

After the last Hulk movie ended up offering nothing but “incredible” suckage, it looks like this new movie is going to be shaped into something awesome! Check out all the new pictures HERE.

Luke’s Audio Review – Free Comic Book Day!

2 06 2008

First off, I’ve got to inform you that either though this is in The Gamer Lounge feed, it is not a Gamer Lounge Episode. Instead it’s my review of Free Comic Book Day, the comics I picked up, digital distribution, as well as a few other topics.

The links I promised!

Read the online Hero by Night comic!

See the covers as well as the first few pages of every comic book I mention! (Click the click for preview button 😉 )

Wowio free back issue downloads

By the way, the official recording date for The Gamer Lounge has been set for Tuesday nights!

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