Envy Review

4 06 2008

After browsing around the different movie review sites, I’ve got to say Rotten Tomatoes is probably my least favorite reviewer. They always seem to rate hype movies high and other movies too low. Envy is no different in this case.

Rotten Tomatoes chewed up envy and spit it back out with a super low rating of 6%. This made the movie rank number 54 on the 100 worst movies of all time list. On the other hand, Metacritic gave this movie a fair 31%. Since it does compile almost all of the leading reviewers scores, I can’t say enough that this is the place to go for reviews!

Since this movie is about four years old now, I’d say it’s safe to give a quick plot overview. The movie starts with Tim (played by Ben Stiller) and his best friend Nick (Jack Black 8) ) heading off to work. When the performance charts come in Nick is in the red/bad area in the focus section. After coming up with many stupid ideas he finally settles on one. A spray that makes poop disappear. After coming up with the name Vapoorize Nick tries to get Tim to invest $2000 dollars in his product. However, Tim turns him down saying simply “It’s shit.” Which in this case , is…well, true. As you probably guess his idea works and Jack Black becomes rich. After that Tim has a hard time coping when he sees his neighbor outside everyday buying anything and everything he could possible want. After getting fired from work he meets the J-Man (played by Christopher Walken) who tells him to “shake things up.” After this things change so fast it makes the first hour of the movie seem pointless. Nick gets Tim to be his partner, Tim confesses “something” (I won’t give away 100% of everything! 😉 ) and a certain bum is dealt with. After that things come crashing down and it’s Tim’s idea that end us saving the day.

Right from the start of the movie things tend to go sour. There is an incredible annoying camera swivel technique being used and some strange dialog between Nick and Tim. From there the idea of poop be gone obviously was a little strange. While it wasn’t as bad as you might think, it was definitely strange. For that matter a good portion of the movie was pretty stupid.

Like most movies though, it did have some parts that were worth watching. For instance when Nick and Tim’s kid make a band and one of the kids is just beating a trash can lid with a cabbage patch doll. Basically the only thing that can save a comedy from an F is humor, and while this one didn’t offer any gut busting laughs, it gave enough to make you smile. Also, if you watched the American Idol Season Finale it should bring back memories of THIS. 😀

The Good

  • A few funny parts (That’s really all comedy movies can have!)

The Bad

  • Some annoying camera movement
  • Strange invention
  • Plot changes so fast at the end it makes the beginning seem pointless
  • Spots with some strange script

Final Grade: D+

Smiley Rank: 😕

*Expect a page about how I rate things up soon



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