A Web Comic and An Upgrade!

13 07 2008

*You can click on the comic for the big version*

Since the comic already takes up a fair amount of space on the blog page, read the rest of this article after the break.

Sweet! You guys jumped with me to the other side! 😀 So first off, it’s quite rare to have a webcomic start with your character seeing himself being made. Whoah! That’s quite a find for you onlookers! Really though, it gave me a reason to pull out the Wacom and get working again. Expect to see more of those! However, if you did enjoy that, check out this IMAGE I did awhile ago. Or, if it’s up, you can check out a webcomic test I was doing with a free web host HERE. However, the reason there is only two comics on there is because that webserver is slow and is down a lot. Don’t be too surprised if you can’t get there. 😉

Anyone that has played World of Warcraft and bought the Burning Crusade will know where this is from! After reactivating my account and playing awhile, I finally decided it was time to buy the BC. Now that my character has hit level 60 (ARMORY PAGE) I’ve jumped into Outlands and have done a few quests as well as Hellfire Citadel – Hellfire Ramparts. Just let me say this, it’s awesome! Everything from the quest rewards to the instances are better in every possible way. If there are any other WoW players out there who are sitting on the fence as to whether play in the expansion or not, should really go buy it. One last statement here, the Dranei starting area is hands down the best one in the game!



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