You Can Crash If You Want To! – Castle Crashers Review

16 09 2008

The review, my friends, is finally here.  You want the short version?  This game rocks!  You want the rest?  Than clik below…

Before this game came out, I had been following it for quite a long time.  Hoping it would be cool, and hoping it would be reasonably priced.  Luckily, Behemoth has fulfilled both of these dreams!  For only 1200 Points ($15) you get hours of cartoony be-headings, magic, humor, and, most importantly, fun.


If I had to say something bad about the game, it would be that some of the bosses are frustrating as hell.  For example, near the end of one level you have to kill a giant corn on the cob.  (Cool, huh?)  Basically all he does is burrow underground and then pop up beneath you doing damage.  You, of course, have to hit him while he’s above the ground.  This is a pretty easy thing to do until you bring his health about 3/4 of the way down.  Then he burrows underground extremely fast, only staying above the ground for a second or two.  It get mighty annoying after awhile trying to hit him.  Also, I got extermely frustrated with the fact that in the Lava World, there was no save before the bosses.  Similarly, the final boss’s reign of fire was annoying, but acceptable, mostly because he was a final boss.  Oh, did I mention the volleyball scene?  With only one player, that took A LOT of tries to get right.  Most of these annoyances, however, could be eleminated by playing with more than one player.  The only one that might actually get worsened by this, is the fact that there are certain levels where it is very hard to tell what’s going on.  The battle with the necromancer comes to mind.  (Be sure to bring health potions to that)


That’s where this game truely shines.  Multiplayer is extermely fun!  However, this game can be soloed.  I actually soloed it for this review.  There will be some frustrating parts, sure, but if I can solo it, anyone can!  🙂  The humor, weapon collecting, animal orbs, magic, and just the sure number of things you can do in this game is awesome.  I found myself laughing aloud a few times, and replaying certain levels to get more achievements.  Quite honestly, it was the fun of the level that made me replay it more than the added incentive of achievements.  The addition of a hard-core mode will be very nice for those players that want to take it the extra mile, especially if they have 3 other friends around to help them out.


I’m going to go ahead and give this game a wonderful grade of A-.  It’s flaws are few, the game is cheap, it offers hours of fun…what’s not to like?


Final Grade:  A-



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