Captain America Along with 70 minutes…Gone!

11 06 2008

So according to THIS site, the scene with Captain America along with 70 minutes of footage was cut out of the movie.  Wow, that’s a lot of footage!  Apparently we’ll see it on the DVD though.

Captain America in Hulk and Mandarin in Iron Man 2!?

8 06 2008

It looks like Captain America might just be making his way onto the big screen sooner than we though. But first, did you know Captain America’s shield was already seen in Iron Man? Now it looks like he will possible join Iron Man on the set of The Incredible Hulk. The more I hear about the movie the more I want to see it! I can guarantee you that next Tuesday (since the movie comes out this Friday) I will have seen the movie even if I have to walk halfway across the state.

It also looks like Mandarin will possibly be in the Iron Man sequel. Here’s to hoping the sequel is as good as the first.

New Incredible Hulk Pictures!

2 06 2008

After the last Hulk movie ended up offering nothing but “incredible” suckage, it looks like this new movie is going to be shaped into something awesome! Check out all the new pictures HERE.