#9 – The Gamer Lounge Episode – Why So Serious, Human?

22 07 2008

The Dark Knight is finally here! So, uhh…naturally we talk about it! 🙂 That’s far from all however. Larry shows us some of his favorite iPhone/iPod touch applications, I talk about Too Human, and so much more!

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5 LEGO Video Games That Will Never Happen

17 06 2008

THIS is worth a look!  😀  I’ve got to say, the first one is pretty well done!

Web Video of the Week – Giant LEGO Boulder!

4 06 2008

Run, Jones, Run!

Some Sweet Lego Stuff

3 06 2008

This is just one of many cool LEGO creations shown HERE. While it’s true I enjoyed playing with LEGOS as a kid, I was never this talented. 😀